What we can do now

To prevent COVID-19

We believe that it is our responsibility to offer and operate infectious disease measures with correct information and technique as a constructor of an exhibition and events which gathers many people. As an infectious disease measures, our employees that are in charge of construction management took the guideline course which was established by Japan Exhibition Association. Addition to that, we also set our own guideline for onsite infectious disease measures.

Examples of preventing droplet infections in the working scene


Face-to-face tasks

By creating the partition, it can prevent the risk of droplet infection. Also, we can create a window for any counter tasks.



For those industries that have difficulties in remote working, we can present you the partition for desks. Using the transparent unit for a part of partition makes it possible for the workers to have conversations freely.


In an aisle

This is an easily constructed partition wall to prevent people from contacting each other in an aisle or entrance/exit. It is effective in controlling the flow of the people. Any requests regarding a safety issues can be solved with a transparent unit.

Please consider it to reduce droplet infections.

TZB will seek the best solutions with our clients to solve any problems.



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